TIN.xml import to Civil3D issue

I’ve exported a tin.xml from Pix4D Survey just like many times before. Pick below:

I’ve imported said tin.xml into a Civil3D project and for some reason it wants to cut off one little area. I’ve even created a new empty drawing to bring in this .xml all by itself and it still wants to cut that area off. What gives? See pic below:

Hi @jflamm,

Thank you for your post in the Pix4D Community and for sharing the two screenshots.

Which file did you import into Civil3D? The TIN or the contour lines?
Are the blue contour lines created from the TIN using PIX4Dsurvey or using Civil3D? Which format did you choose to export the contour lines?


I exported the TIN.xml from Pix4D Survey. I did not export the contour lines. The contour lines are created in Civil3D upon import of the TIN. Thanks!

Thank you for your reply @jflamm.
Were you able to see the entire TIN in Civil3D before creating the contours? Could you eventually open only the TIN and send me a screenshot?

Thank you

Here are a few snips from Survey. One is an overall. One is zoomed in on the problem area. The last shows all the point grid (smart). As you can see, the information is there. It’s disappearing just in that bottom area once the TIN is exported and then imported into Civil3D. As shown in the bottom pic, I turned on the points and triangles in the surface and the data is missing.

Thank you for the screenshots.
Would it be possible for you to share with us the exported TIN?

You can open a support ticket if you want.