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Generate contours from las file using autocad civil 3d


Does anyone here know how to generate contours from las file using autocad civil3d? A step by step guide would be greatly helpful!




Yes. You would bring it in, or rather attach it as any other point cloud. The easiest and quickest way is to create a Recap project, then add the .rcp file as a surface definition. Pix4d is very unfriendly with Civil3D as far as useful files that you can import. After a couple of years finding workarounds I have found it much simpler to generate contours with Pix4d at 0.1’ interval, export a .shp file of those, then amport those into Civil3d and use them as surface definitions. Hope that helps. 

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Here you can find more information about how to generate contour lines with Pix4Ddesktop: 

How to generate the Contour Lines

@Blaine: Please give us more information about the output files that would be useful for you and your Civil3D workflows. I will pass your ideas to our Product Development Team. You could write us filling this form: form.

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I have also run into getting data into Civil3D efficiently, while I have been using the contour method (at 0.1ft interval) as well it is not working for my most recent site which is about 140acres/57hectares. Civil3D keeps crashing so I am wondering what would be a good format to import into Civil3D that won’t crash it?

John when you import a las file to civil3D you can put the file “lighter” choosing a less densify import. That would allow less points to be imported and the computer wont crash as much.