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Pix4Dcloud Advanced outputs and Civil 3D

I’ve recently taken on a Cloud Advanced subscription and have a question regarding outputs. Am I right in saying that the Cloud Advanced is purely a processing engine? I have input the imagery from a drone flight and it has produced an Ortho, 3D Mesh and Point Cloud in LAS format. I normally work within Civil 3D and I am unable to work with any of these and can see no options to change the output format of the Point Cloud

Hi @foleysn,

LAS is a standard format which is widely used for LiDAR data.

After a brief investigation on the Autodesk Civil 3D forum, I could read that LAS import support in Civil 3D was ended after Civil 3D 2018 was released. You can find more information in LAS format files no longer import into Civil 3D. Other users suggest some workarounds in this other post.

import .las into autodesk recap, it will create a .rcp file which can be used to import the point cloud into civil3d

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