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CloudCompare - Cannot find a way to make pix4d .las files work in CAD after CloudCompare

Hello and thanks. I have been using pix4d to create topographic maps using civil 3d for 3 years. I want to try to clean the PIX4d .las file in CloudCompare, but after cleaning it in that software, it no longer will import to civil 3d.

When I load a .las file from pix4d into CC, it says that most values are the same and have been ignored. Fields such as Intensity, Return number, GPS time, Scan direction flag, Edge of Flight line, User Data, and Point source ID.

Does the fact that none of these fields have relevant values explain somehow why CAD will not accept these files?

Thank you for any support

Regarding your issue note that previous to Civil 3D 2018, it was possible to import.LAS point clouds directly through Civil 3D using the legacy point cloud utility. Starting with Civil 3D 2018, LAS format files can not be imported into Civil 3D anymore.


The legacy point cloud utility does not support newer versions of LAS such as 1.4. This is why Civil 3D no longer uses the legacy point cloud tools.(source: LAS format files no longer import into Civil 3D | Civil 3D 2021 | Autodesk Knowledge Network)

May I ask what are you trying to create in Autocad? I could suggest to you to use PixDsurvey. You can download and install it from here. In this article you can find the outputs , which can be exported from Pix4Dsurvey.