Exporting to cad

Hello, the past few projects we’ve worked on, all in state plane US survey foot, have had a shift in the location of the vector layers when exported to cad along with the tin(xml). The tin comes in at the correct location but the vector files that are overlaying it are shifted between a few hundreths of a foot to a few feet. We’ve been just shifting the vector layers to the correct position but I’m thinking that there should be a way to avoid doing that and having my vector layers come in properly. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch

Sorry to hear that you are seeing some errors in the data. I think to help troubleshoot we might need a little more information. Can you provide a quality report and perhaps some screenshots of the error? Maybe even describe your workflow a bit. I can see that you are current on your support and upgrades. You might want to even consider submitting a support ticket for a quicker resolution to this problem.

Good afternoon Mike,
It’s not that there are errors in the data, its just that the vector files and the tins that I export from the same project aren’t lining up when dropped into cad.

My workflow consists of flying the site with a phantom rtk using gcp points in state plane coordinates. Processing it in pix4d mapper and taking the results to pix4d survey. In pix4d survey I create my line work and xml(tin surface). I use some of the vector layers as terrain features to more accurately describe the actual surface. I export the vector files as a .dxf which does not have a coordinate system associated with it when imported to cad. It needs to be copied and pasted into a drawing that was assigned a coordinate system already. The .xml comes in exactly where it needs to. The data seems to vary between a few hundredths off to a few feet in difference when dropped in. We have brainstormed a little and the only thing we could think of is that when exporting the dxf it thinks that its in international feet opposed to US survey feet even though the pix4d survey project is in US survey feet. A little perplexed as to what is going on. We’ve been working around it by just shifting the line work to match the tin but we feel that this is supposed to be an unnecessary step in the workflow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,

Hi Josh,
I think we will need to see the data so we can have a better handle on it. I can give you a public link to upload your data. However you might want to open a support ticket which keeps it a little more private. You can go to support.pix4d.com. It’s up to you.

Hi Josh,
When you import to Civil, what units settings do you have? I’m doing a block insert, and if I have UNITS set as below, all is good:
Somehow the LandXML reader in C3D seems to read the units a bit better. Let me know if that helps!