Vector Layer Improvements

We have recently been working on vectorization that coincides with our survey field codes and that can be imported into Civil 3D. It would be fantastic if we could save existing vector layers as templates that can be imported into later projects.

When dealing with a large number of vector layers, the ability to group them would also be ideal.

Hi @brian.hatfield,

Thank you for your feature request.
Can you please provide more information about the use case?

Would you like to have a series of vector templates keeping the layer names and colors?

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It would be the option to export vector layers we have created as templates, then we can import them into another Survey project instead of recreating all of the layers/attributes every time.

Also, grouping layers. For example (see attached image), if I’m working on power poles, utilities, etc, I could add them to a “Power” group or something and easily toggle on/off the visibility.

There are some projects I’m testing where I might have a dozen or more different layers depending on the requirements.

Thank you, @brian.hatfield.
I will forward everything to the product team. Thank you again for your feedback

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Good morning Brian,

I have some good news for you: layer templates will be released this week in Matic and Survey, so you’ll be able to save some more time on your future projects.

Thank you for your feedback and please keep posting about the features that you’re missing!

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Sweet, I love how frequent the updates have been!

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