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GML support and more vector layer features - Lets make it a bridge to GIS as well!

As GIS (mapping) requirements are also starting to require z data it would make a lot of sence to also focus on that market. I already use Pix4d Survey to create 3d vector lines but I still have to run them through GIS software to add features and convert it to GML or SOSI (Norway).

I would love it if you added GML support and the ability to add more features to each vector layer. Also to be able to choose if you want to export each layer individually (I do).

Hi Joakim,

The integration of the GIS and survey industries have definitely been getting closer and closer over the years. Our teams are always interested in ideas what new features need to be added. You can click on the feature request link at the bottom. There you can add your ideas and thoughts.