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Pix4Dsurvey - preview available!

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to announce that we have a preview version of Pix4Dsurvey available for you all to download and try out! has the links and details.

Why should you try it?

Terrain/non terrain classification to speed up your vectorization

  • Terrain/non terrain classification to speed up your vectorization
    • If you run on all point clouds in the project, you’ll get terrain and non-terrain results
    • It’s possible to run only on point clouds that are turned on, in that case the inactive point clouds will go to a Never Classified class
  • Create a grid of points
    • Either on the terrain only, or some other part of the point cloud(s) in your project
    • Export the grid as vectors
  • You might have missed it in the last preview, but shp as loose files or .zip is now supported
  • Also in the last preview, Pix4Dmatic projects can be imported in addition to Pix4Dmapper or .las/.laz files

I’d love to hear your feedback! Our main goal here is to let you work faster, while still leveraging the power of the raycloud and the details of your images. Let me know how it goes!


ps: here’s a 2.0 meter grid on the terrain of the Rivaz demo project:

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Hi everyone!

Its preview time again! This time, we’ve got version 1.2.0, and now you can make a TIN using breaklines plus a grid of points from the terrain class of the point cloud. Interested? Try it out!

Tip: first mark your terrain layers (AKA layer with breaklines or other parts of the terrain on them), then run the terrain filter, create a grid of points based on the terrain, then do the TIN creation.

Coming next: LandXML export and some tools to clean up the terrain/non-terrain status.

Let me know what you think…