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Update: Road marking, .las export, smart grid and more

There’s a lot of new stuff in the newest releases of Pix4Dsurvey!

Want to just try it?

The details: We just released the 1.7 preview of Pix4Dsurvey this week, and its loaded with good stuff. Road mark following, .las export, and the first part of multi-select are in there. If you didn’t see the 1.6 release back in December, that introduced the Smart Grid, a tool to take a set of points from the terrain points in your point cloud where there is elevation change. Basically, the important points, extracted directly from the point cloud, so you can even verify them in the images.

With all of those, I’m pretty excited, and I hope you’ll download and give it a try. I’ll keep an eye on this space for your feedback, so let me know what think!


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