Scans request

Hello all , i am student for graphic design and i have a project that revolves around point clouds, and i would like to ask you if any of you maybe have point cloud files that you could share with me for the purpose of my project in the degree , i am looking for pointclouds of cities, urban areas and of forests, trees, nature.

thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Hi @mmaxi809,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake: .

All the data we can share, you can find it here:

You can find point clouds (or you will need to create it by yourself starting with images) using the following products:

  • PIX4Dmapper
  • PIX4Dmatic
  • PIX4Dsurvey

These datasets may only be used for personal or professional training. For commercial or promotional use, “Courtesy of Pix4D /” must be displayed and all the text linked to For more information on usage, contact our marketing team.