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dense point cloud export relation to individual images

For a student research project, I need to dense points clouds of each image separately and also knowing each dense point cloud in which images is seen. Can we export these using pix4d?

Unfortunately, what Pix4Dmapper can generate are:

  • Camera parameters
  • Undistorted images
  • Densified point cloud (.las, .laz, .xyz, .ply)
  • Digital surface model (Grid DSM, Raster DSM)
  • Digital terrain model (DTM: Raster DTM)
  • Orthomosaic (GeoTIFF, KML file, Google Maps HTML file)
  • Index map (GeoTIFF, Colored KML file, Grid Shapefile)
  • 3D textured mesh (.obj, .fbx, .dxf, .ply, .pdf, .osgb, .slpk)
  • Contour lines (shp, .pdf, .dxf)
  • Video animation (.mp4, .mkv, .avi)
  • 3D Digitized objects: Polyline, Surface, Volume base surface (.shp, .dxf,.kml, .dgn)

For more information, please visit
Pix4Dmapper Inputs and outputs

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