Pix4d pro app malfunction for dji mini 3 pro

When the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone flies, it will speed forward and then back to the starting point, then the drone will slowly rise upwards. If you do it in a place with lots of buildings or obstacles, there will definitely be accidents. I have the video but don’t know how to share it

Hi @fiqipratama32,

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.
Please share the video with us using any file sharing platform (oneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, …)

When the drone rose a few meters, it immediately flew forward, it should have risen slowly.

Thank you, @fiqipratama32 .

Which version of PIX4Dcapture Pro are you using? Can you eventually provide us with the logs?

I am using Version 1.2.1, unfortunately I have deleted the application because I only tried the free trial. After I downloaded it again I couldn’t find the logs folder anymore.
If you want I still have screenshots of his first flight path before the mess and after the incident I talked about

Hi @fiqipratama32,

Please try to log in again; you should be able to use PIX4Dcapture Pro for the next 15 days.
If possible, find a safe place, try to fly the drone again, and send the logs.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Okay thanks. I will probably send it tomorrow if the flying weather is good

Hello, I’ve sent the logs.
On the fourth flight, when he was about to fly, the disease returned again

Thank you @fiqipratama32,

I confirm the reception of the logs and I have forwarded these to the product team. I will reach out to you soon.

Hi @fiqipratama32,

I see from the logs that you are using PIX4Dcapture Pro version 1.2.1.
Can you please try again using the version 1.2.2?

OK, I’ll try it when the weather is nice, but will the update from version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 erase the old flight plans?

Hi @fiqipratama32,

If you are only updating, the old flights are not deleted.
These are getting deleted if you do a fresh install (you uninstall the app and reinstall it)

Hello, I just tried the latest version. There are some possible notes that I can share.

  1. The application often exits by itself when the drone is on a mission which causes the drone to stop taking photos.
  2. In the latest version, when you have finished making a flight plan and save it, once you exit the plan is lost.
  3. When the drone took a photo and was about to turn straight, for some reason the drone seemed to be blown away by the wind, but when it turned to the side there was nothing on it.
  4. When taking aerial photos in a straight line, sometimes the drone seems to vibrate to the right or left which causes it to go off course and this problem only occurs in the latest version.
  5. The number of photos written in the application is not the same as the one on the micro SD which causes a hole in the aerial photo, even though when flying the drone takes photos according to the path

Hi @fiqipratama32,

Thank you for the feedback.
Can you please share with us the latest logs?

Hello, I’ve sent the logs.

Hi @fiqipratama32,

Thank you for your patience.
We have taken a look at the logs you provided but couldn’t find anything relevant.
The logs from the mission seem to be correct and there’s nothing related to any order of moving forward from our application.

Please try to update the drone firmware to ensure it has the correct version of “virtual stick” support and let me know how it goes.


Mine flew straight into the side of a building and broke an arm off. That was an unfortunate surprise. This was with Version 1.2.1.