Mini 3 doesn't take off

My Mini 3, which launched fine for a couple of missions, now does everything up to saying it is taking off, but it doesn’t actually take off. The timer starts and it acts as if it’s going to fly the mission, but the aircraft doesn’t do a thing. All of the checklist items are green.

There was a firmware upgrade that I installed since the last time I launched a mission. Wondering if that’s the problem, perhaps.

Hi @nick.arnett,

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From October 3rd, 2023, PIX4Dcapture is no longer available from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.
It is therefore possible that a recent firmware upgrade made the drone not compatible anymore with the legacy app.

I suggest trying our new flight app: PIX4Dcapture Pro. If you have questions on the difference between PIX4Dcapture and PIX4Dcapture Pro, please have a look here:

To use this app with your DJI Mini 3 drone, you will need to have a valid license for any other Pix4D product. Let me know if you are interested in trying PIX4Dcapture Pro, I can provide you a trial license for one of the following products:
-PIX4Dcloud Advanced

The trial will give you access to PIX4Dcapture Pro. Let me know which one interests you the most.

More information about the licensing model here: