Aircrafts hovers at a specific height and does not operates on mission

Drone Phantom 4 Version 2.0
Using PIX4DCapture Pro with discovery license
When I use to operate drone a mission plan, it halts at specific height (Just fee feet above) and doesn’t move anymore.

Hi @syed.najam,

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Which version of PIX4Dcapture Pro are you using?

Please make sure of the following:

  • PIX4Dcapture Pro is updated to the latest version
  • DJI Phantom 4 V2 firmware is up to date
  • You are not flying in a No Fly Zone (NFZ)

If you are still getting errors, please share with us the logs:


Dear Daniele,
Thanks for your response;

My PIX4DCapture Pro is 1.2.4
DJI Phantom 5 V2 Firmware is update
My flying zone is not NFZ

Further, I faced same issue when I was using PIX4DCapture a year ago thereafter, I switched to PIX4DCapture Pro and I did completed many of missions last year. This time I am facing same issue with PIX4DCapture Pro. During this issue I used to stop the mission and restart it shows an error “Mission upload fail”.
Note that when I start my mission in the beginning it doesn’t shows any error and just hovers at a spacific height/

Hi @syed.najam,

Can you please send us the logs after the error appears?