Pix4D Mapper Crashes when changing folders

I have used Pix4D for years. Just got a new laptop and installed it. When I start new project and change the project folder, before I do anything else, the program crashes. Any ideas?

Hi @jeff5 ,

May I ask if you have Windows 11 installed?
If that is the case please have a look at the following community post.


Yes, I’m on Windows 11. I’ll try the previous version of PIX4D. I’m not storing the files in my docs folder or OneDrive, I have them on a separate hard drive.

Hi @jeff5,

May I ask there is no sync with OneDrive at all?
It does not matter if the images are stored on OneDrive or somewhere else.
As long as there is syncing of OneDrive with the “Desktop” then this issue arises.

If disabling syncing does not solve the issue, you could revert to Windows 10, this could likely solve the problem.

Otherwise, as a workaround, you can copy/paste the directory instead of clicking on Browse… when creating a new project.

To insert images when creating a new project, you can drag and drop them (and avoid clicking on Add Images…).