Windows 11 issue with PIX4Dfields 1.11 - Solved in 1.12

[SOLVED IN PIX4Dfields 1.12]
We are aware of some users having problems with our PIX4Dfields 1.11 latest release in Windows 11 operating system synchronizing with Onedrive.

According to our investigation, they can download and install the software. However, software crashes during image importation. Not being able to select images, or the program suddenly closes.

Solutions for the issue:

I. Disable the Microsoft OneDrive “Desktop” Folder automatic synchronization.

We believe that the issue might be related to OneDrive. Some users reported that the issue disappeared when the syncing with the “Desktop” folder was disabled.

You can do this in the settings of OneDrive, Backup tab, Manage backup, and Stop Backup for “Desktop folder” (syncing “Documents” or “Pictures” folders has no impact).


Note: After clicking on “Stop Backup” the files that you currently have on your desktop will disappear. A shortcut called “Where are my files” will appear on your desktop and will guide you to the current location of your desktop files.

II. Downgrade to PIX4Dfields 1.10.1

PIX4Dfields is only having issues with the latest version of PIX4Dfields 1.11 on Windows 11. So, you can use the older version until we fix the issue. Use the below link to download the PIX4Dfields 1.10.1 here.

III. Reverting back to Windows 10.

Useful links:

  1. Downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 ;
  2. Windows 11: How to go back to Windows 10 ;

Disclaimer: Pix4D publishes this information as a courtesy to its customers. Because this outside link may not be accurate, Pix4D makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to its procedure.