Pix4D Login Issue and e0103

Many times I have an issue where immediately after I login and choose Pix4DMapper license, the software shuts down.  If I am able to log in I receive e0103 when attempting to start processing.  I have tried different login credentials (another user let me use his credentials) and everything works without issue.  

Can anyone help?  

Hey Joseph,

Try to log out and log in back again. This should fix the problem. You will find instructions on how to do so here


Thanks Marili.  I tried that many times over throughout the day.  The following day, everything just started working.  Not sure what may have fixed it, but hopefully it does not come up again.  

There was a small issue that lasted for about a day on our Cloud, which triggered this error message e0103. It was fixed by our developers, so from now on this should not happen again.