Pix4d License Transfer

Hey there, I work with an organisation and my supervisor used to have a Pix4D Mapper license. He left the organisation and now I do not have the ID/Pass. I do not have access to his email, so can’t forget the password. Can someone help, how can I transfer the account to my email id.

Hi @khushdeep.singh,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

Sure, we can help with this.
Please open a support ticket here explaining everything and sharing the company name, domain, and name of the license owner. The best would be if you could share the invoice for the license:



Hey Daniele,

Thank you for the support, I am unable to raise a ticket using the link since I do not have a license yet. And an error saying can’t unconfirmed email ID. The I am not receiving any emails either. I have attached the screenshot of this issue at the end of this email.

These are the details for the existing account –

Company – removed

Domain –

License Owner – removed

License email – removed

Theses are the details for new license owner –

License Owner – removed

License email – removed

I am waiting from the accounts to get the invoice, but it might take some time.


Khushdeep Singh

GIS Assistant

Mob. – removed

Hi Khushdeep,

Thank you for your reply.

It seems that you can’t open a ticket because your address is not verified.
You should have received an email with subject “Activate your Pix4D account”. Please check your spam/junk/undesired folders in your email inboxes.

In the meantime, I’m removing the personal information from the above post. I will be able to read this anyway, but at least will not be available to anyone.

Hi Daniele,

I am not receiving any email from Pix4D. I am trying since yesterday. I checked my spam folder but there is nothing there. I am sorry for inconvenience.


Hi @khushdeep.singh,

Please contact your IT department at MDLSR and ask if they can take a look at your email inbox.
The subject of the messages should be “Activate your Pix4D account”.

Let me know what they find out.