I cant verify my email

Im not getting a verification email which is stopping me from setting up and activating my licence.

Hi Guy,

Welcome to Pix4d Community!

Could you please send us a support ticket via PIX4D personal support?
In this case, we can ensure this issue gets solved as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, would you also please check if perhaps

  • The mailbox is full
  • Mailbox is inactive
  • The email server is down or offline
  • Any anti-spam or anti-virus extensions/ apps/ are blocking the emails
  • The email is in spam

Let us know if one of these is the situation in the support ticket.
I look forward to helping you sort out this matter as soon as possible.


Hi Rosana, can you change my email to a different email to verify my account. I cant send you a support ticket as I cant verify my account, the message i get from your support page is that it failed to send the email

403 Forbidden

Reason: Unconfirmed email address.

Please confirm your email address in order to access this page.
Check your inbox, or go to your user account page to re-send the confirmation email.
If you are still experiencing issues, please post a new thread on our Community page to request help.
Pix4D Technical Support is regularly monitoring this channel.

Home page

thats the message i get.

I’m not getting a verification email

Hi @dharris,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

From our logs, it seems that you clicked on the Activation link on Wed, 04 Jan 2023 17:22:34 GMT. Do you confirm this?
In our system, your account seems to be active.
Just use your Pix4D account to log in to PIX4Dcloud .

If you are getting any error messages, just let me know.

Happy mapping!