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License issues

Someone needs to contact me immediately!! Its showing that i have no license and our company recently purchased a 3 year subscription. Tried transferring the license to a new computer and now it says on all computers that our license doesn’t exist. We need this program!! This needs resolved ASAP

Hi Luke,

I don’t think that is an appropriate comment for our Community.

Yesterday my colleague moved the PIX4Dmapper license under the account linked to the email address db********, as you requested. Please open the PIX4Dmaper application and log out in case you are logged in with a different Pix4D account.
Then re-open the application and log in with the new email address when asked.

Let us know if you have any issues via personal ticket so that we can assist you further.

I apologize for the sense of urgency, however it is very difficult to reach some kind of support. There were 3 emails that I had from July of this year and none of them work. We use this software daily, so when there is no one to contact and no direct line of support, it gets a tad frustrating. I appreciate your help and for getting this matter resolved.

need help …i can not use step 3 in processing and im activate already my monthly lincense

I am sorry you are having issues processing step 3. The community pages are not the best place to receive time sensitive answers. If you have a valid PIX4D license then it is advisable to submit a support ticket. Please visit the link below and log in with the email in which your license is tied to.

When you submit please attach the quality report and log file and one of our support engineers will promptly reply back to you.

You are welcome to attach your log file and quality report here on the community page but the discourse will be public and our reply will not be immediate.