Pix4D does not open

I am working on Windows 11.
I have been deleting all the files from Pix4D (explainations found in another post).
Installed de latest stable version.
Entered my account,
Selected trial version.
After that, I get a screen with the Pix4D logo and name and nothing happens.
It does the same with the latest non-stable version.

I also tried to update the version of Windows + GPU.

What can I do to make it work ?
It use to work fine before with the trial session of a colleague (vefore expiration of trial version).

Herer is the text from the event viewing:
Pix4D_Error.txt (3.2 MB)

Thank you for helping.

Hi @f.lefeuvre,

I believe this issue is related to the fact you have not selected the privacy settings on your account.
To do so please go to PIX4Dcloud , log in.
At the right of the top bar, click the user icon and select Privacy Settings.
Choose the Privacy settings you desire and click Save.



I am glad it worked!
Have a great day!