pix4d installment - Windows 8.1

Hello. I downloaded Pix4Dmapper-4.8.4
I am not able to install it (Windows 8.1 64bit)

How can I find an older version to instal
Thanks a lot in advance …

Hi @yiannismastoris,

welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:

You can access PIX4Dmapper version 1.1.46 from here.

Please let me know if this helps you.


Thank you so much

I installed it normally
I am not able to open p4d files. It opens only some tutorial files.
I guess I have to request a free trial

Στις Τρί 25 Απρ 2023 στις 5:24 μ.μ., ο/η Daniele Lecci via Pix4D Community <notifications@pix4d.discoursemail.com> έγραψε:

Hi @yiannismastoris,

You are probably logged in with the Pix4D Discovery license/mode. This is a version with limited functions. For more information: PIX4Ddiscovery / Discovery mode.

Please follow the following directions to get full access to PIX4Dmapper software:

  1. Open PIX4Dmapper on your desktop.
  2. If you are automatically logged into PIX4Ddiscovery, please log out following the directions here.
  3. Log into the software following the directions here.
  4. On the welcome screen, select your license, and select ‘OK’
  5. This should open PIX4Dmapper using your valid license.

At this point, you should be able to re-run the project with the desired processing options.