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Pix4D crash during rig processing

Hi all,

I’m processing a project with 14,310 images from a micasense rededge.  It takes 36 hours to get to step 6 of 9 in Phase 1 (Initial processing), and then it crashes with a “pix4dmapper.exe has stopped working” dialog.  Any thoughts?  I haven’t had this happen to me before, even with large projects like this.  The last lines from the log are included below.  I’m running Pix4D 4.3.31 on Win 10.0.14393 Enterprise on a Dell Precision T5600 (dual Xeon E5-2680) with 128 GB Ram and a Geforce GT 710 graphics processor with 2GB video ram.  Plenty of disk space left, etc.  Thanks for any thoughts for debugging…



[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Processing]: Substep Georeference the model finished.
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Processing]: Substep Camera rig processing started.
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: ********************************
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: ******** rig processing ********
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: ********************************
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: Rig 0 <RedEdge-M processing optRotRelWithSubset adjust reference camera
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: ref cam <RedEdge-M_5.5_1280x960 (Green)> ID 1
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: cam 0 <RedEdge-M_5.5_1280x960 (Blue)> ID 0 R [°] 360.065 0.183551 -0.153448 t 0.03 0 0
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: cam 1 <RedEdge-M_5.5_1280x960 (Red)> ID 2 R [°] 4.81544 168.681 132.642 t 0 0.021 0
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: cam 2 <RedEdge-M_5.5_1280x960 (NIR)> ID 3 R [°] 0.332801 0.215674 0.0639854 t 0.03 0.021 0
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: cam 3 <RedEdge-M_5.5_1280x960 (Red edge)> ID 4 R [°] 0.240787 0.165889 -0.387749 t 0.015 0.0105 0
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Processing]: Calibrate rig cameras
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Info]: Calibrated 160 secondary rig cameras
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Processing]: Substep Camera rig processing finished.
[2019.06.12 17:33:45][25%RAM][5%CPU][Processing]: Substep Camera calibration started.

Hi Alexander,

This might be related to Dell. Can you please have a look at Nikoleta’s suggestion here and give it a try:

Thanks Momtanu,

Dell backup and recovery isn’t installed (also, those other users were having issues upon program launch - this issue only occurs after hours of processing a large project; processing other projects doesn’t seem to have the same issue).  Any other thoughts?



Hi Alex. It may be worth opening a support request at the link below. That way we can have a look at the full log file. Consider opening a ticket at the link below any solution found would be worth posting here in case others encounter this issue. Also, I would recommend processing with half the amount of images to see if the issue is related to the large number of photos (even in the are smaller MS images). Give that a shot and include any updates here or in the ticket along with the log file.