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Pix4D Capture V3.0.1 is not working properly with 3DR Solo with GoPro4 Black

Hello I tried Pix4D Capture V3.0.1 with 3DR Solo , Gimbal and GoPro4 Black.


Sync function on “Project List” had error  on Pix4D Capture after finishing mission.

I used the following devices. When I checked MicroSD on my laptop, there are normal pictures without error.

3DR Solo + 3DR Gimbal + GoPro4 Black With turning off WIFI + MicroSD 8GB (Class 4)

Pix4D Capture Android Lastest Version on Google Nexus 5 2nd Generation.

Please let me know how to solve it. 

Me too.

ill try to be more specific:

3dr solo with gimbal, android 6.0.1 phone nexus 5

The first mission i try it didnt finalize when i landed (i press fly about 5 meters from the ground to take it down manually)


I Had this symbol and no .pix4d file on my project folder.

Second mission: it finalyze correctly, i have my pix4d file but whenever i try to download the photo from the solo (sincronyze menu) pix4d capture crash (here i select only to sync images and not to upload them, only download to phone)

Tryed several times but the app keep crashing.

So i import the pix4d file on my pc and here it ask for the picture folder: no problem execpt for the fact that pix4d mapper was searching for a phantomatic Gopr2061.jpg file but on my gopro i had only to gopr2060.jpg



Federico Boldori


Hello sangyun and Federico,

at the moment 3DR Solo is not able to remotely enable the GoPro’s wifi while disarmed, so it’s not possible to synchronize automatically the images at the end on the mission with Capture App. This is the workflow you should use to fly a mission, capture the images and process them with Pix4D software:

  • Connect your GoPro to the drone
  • Turn on the GoPro and set the shooting mode to “Single shot”. Also make sure that wifi connection is turned-off
  • Turn on the drone and the remote controller
  • Connect your smartphone/tablet to Solo wifi
  • Create and start the mission
  • Resolve all the issues in the mission checklist and in particular:
    • The drone must be flying
    • Insert the index of the last image you have on your GoPro SD Card (e.g. 6328 if the last image name is GOPR6328.JPG). The Capture app will use this number as the base photo index to tag the images in the mission .p4d file with their GPS coordinate

  • Then the mission starts, the drone takes the pictures and it comes back to the home point
  • There is no automatic synchronization of the images at the end of the mission nor from the project manager
  • Connect your smartphone/tablet to your PC and retrieve the XXX.p4d file of the mission from: Pictures/Project_XXX/Mission_XXX/
  • Open the .p4d file with a text editor: there is a list of the images taken during that specific mission along with their GPS coordinates
  • Connect your GoPro to a PC and retrieve from the SD card all the images listed in the .p4d file. Those will be the images that, in pair with the .p4d file, will allow you to process your mission with Pix4Dmapper
  • Copy the images and the .p4d file in the same folder, open the .p4d with Pix4Dmapper and start processing

@Federico: we’re aware of a specific issue that can cause a wrong indexing of the images in the .p4d. It will be solved in the next Capture App for Android release. As a temporary workaround, you can manually edit the .p4d renaming the images to match with the actual name of .jpg saved on your GoPro SD Card.

Hope this helps,


Hello, sorry for resurrecting a year-old post.  First of all, thank you so much for including Solo support!  I’m looking forward to additional features as are available on iOS.  For now, I am having issues with the missions and they may well be my fault so I am reaching out for clarification.

Today, I attempted a multi-mission capture (waiting for the double grid and orbit tools).  The first launch was intended to capture nadir imagery, while subsequent launches would capture oblique.  The first launch was fine, no issues outside of the synchronizing that didn’t automatically start.

The second launch, however, was not successful.  Although I specified camera angle as 45 degrees, autonomy set the camera to face directly downwards (90/0 degrees).  Also, I was under the impression that in an oblique capture, the quad would pivot 180 degrees between runs to capture the imagery facing the direction it was heading (also according to a setting).  Since it was facing directly downwards there was no impact due to its yaw positioning but if the 45 degree specification was followed then it would have been a waste.

Automatic synchronization also did not start for the second launch.  That’s not really a show-stopper for me at this point as I currently prefer to use desktop for processing.

So… maybe I missed a step or two.  Any tips or support will be appreciated.


Hi Aaron,

1.) As mentioned in the previous post the synchronization is not working with the 3DR solo drone. For more information check the post above.

2.) About the camera angle. Did you perform the calibration of the camera in the 3DR app? Maybe a workaround would be to set the angle of the camera manually before taking of with the app. It could work in some cases. 

Did you try to set the “Face to center” option? This should automatically adjust the camera angle to face towards the center of the mission. 

3.) While flying the mission the 3DR Solo does not rotate at the turns but only translates. The heading is expected to be constant. 

4.) Double grid and circular mission will most probably won’t be available. As far as we know the drone is not produced/sold anymore so the development of the app for this drone is on hold. 


Thank you, Support for the very helpful responses!

Regarding response 4:  I understand development may be put on hold, and the app now mentions 1 last compatible version will be provided and all support thereafter will cease.  Does this decision not take into account the investment 3DR has made in Site Scan and the recent backing from additional investors to continue development?

Hi Aaron

We would like to inform you that from the next Android version, the 3DR Solo features will not be developed further. To get the latest updates we invite you to keep an eye on release notes: