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Pix4D Capture Camera view&Sync

Hello all,

Help for immediate solution…

After a lot of send feedback and even email to support without answer from field, I am asking the community.


I tried Pix4D Capture V3.3.1 with 3DR Solo, Gimbal and GoPro4 Black, Pix4Dmapper Pro.


UAV System

3DR Solo&Control 2.4.2

Autopilot 2.0.20 1.3.1

3DR Gimbal 1.3.6

GoPro4 Black 3.00.00 with MicroSD 64GB (Class 1) turning off WIFI

General Mobile Model: GM 5 Plus d Androidone Android 7.0 available memory 23 GB


Flight plannig Apps

Solo App & iPhone v2.4.0

Solo Beta App & GM 5 Plus d v2.0.1.beta.1

Tower App & GM 5 Plus d v4.0.0

Pix4D Capture App & GM 5 Plus d v3.3.1 (build 182)


When the camera view is displayed the camera view icon   is not shown in the toolbar and underlined.

The camera view showed only one time others not what the camera is currently viewing.

The camera view also showed currently viewing with Solo FP&Tower both of them.


I insert the true index of the last image i have on my GoPro SD Card (as Project26: 0408, Project27M1: 0508, Project27M1: 0592).

When the drone comes back and lands to synchronize the mission touching sync tab, Project 26 Mission 1 26.11.2016, Project 27 Mission 1 26.11.2016 are red Mission 2 No image and ‘No image found on the device’.

Sync function on “Project List” had error on Pix4D Capture after finishing mission.


When the images are transferred from the Solo camera’s SD card to the device’s memory, it could not read camera’s SD card.

available device’s memory 23 GB

Hi Ömer,

Thank you for sharing your experience and all the details you provided.

We would first recommend to upgrade to your latest Android version (3.5.0) that you can download from the Google Play Store.

Synchronizing consists in generating the .p4d file and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device. This can be done on the field right after the mission or later in the office:
However, it is still possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your local machine by importing the images saved on the drone. For more help on how to proceed (Option C):

We are aware of some one-time issues with the Solo: no .p4d file created after synchronizing, video feed no working, resume flight not working… The app can be unstable time to time but our developers will release a new Android version around end of January (rough estimation) and we expect these problems to be fixed.

Meanwhile, we apologize of the inconvenience.