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3dr Solo

Hello everyone. I apologize if this has been asked before but i cant seem to find a similar port.

So as I understand it, I can not control the 3dr Solo with Pix4d but i can use the images on the SD card.

Will I be able to do point clouds this way or will point cloud only work with a DJI drone

Hi Barry,


Pix4d will work with nearly any camera, as long as it is high enough resolution, and the cameras can be calibrated. The Go pro 3 and 4 for The solo will work in pix4d. 


The capture app does not work with solo, but 3dr services + tower will allow you to perform surveys and structure scanning.

Good morning Derrick

Thank you for the reply. So the Geo referencing will still work right?

Derrick. I just came across Webinar 11 so let me look at this first. If i have any further questions i’ll ask

Hi Barry,

Not sure if you already answered your own questions, but a few quick tips/links-

HERE is a link with information on how to geotag images with mission planning, using the tlogs/data logs after a flight. 

I’ve actually had good results using only GCPs and skipping the geotagging step. This is not recommended by Pix4d, and the work I was doing did not require survey level accuracy, so take it as you will. 

Hi Pix4d Development Team,

Any plans to release Pix4d Capture app compatible with the 3DR Solo platform? This is our sole UAS currently, and am very eager to try this software with our equipment.


I dug a little farther and see it is compatible with Solo via Android as of end of May, cool. How about timing for release compatible with iOS? If no time soon, guess I’ll be investing in an android tablet.


Hi Donny,

Yes indeed, Android 3.0.1 supports 3DR Solo.
Note that the .p4d file generated at the end of the mission contains the image coordinates that are used to process in Pix4Dmapper but the app does not write in the image EXIF directly.

Our developers will work on the iOS integration but the support will probably be after September.


Pix4D support

Please do. Looking forward to using it on my Ipad Mini 2 connected to my 3DR Solo.

Already running from my other Ipad for the DJI P3P.

Thank You 

Hi Robert,

My mistake, I was confused in my last post I just noticed.

Actually, no SDK (what allows the communication between the app and the drone’s firmware) is available on iOS so far meaning only Android users are able to fly the Solo using our app.

It seems like it is not in 3DR pipeline to make an iOS SDK available (see latest comment):