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pix4Dcapture 3DR Solo support

Does pix4D plan to support the 3DR solo with the new app any time soon post GDPR?.. The Solo is a very affordable drone that can haul quite a bit, especially compared to the DJI drones (the Phantom 4 is tough for adding other sensors). I think a lot of users would appreciate the 3DR coming back to the capture app…

Hi Tim,

I spoke to you in our support ticket but I just wanted to share with anyone else interested in this post. Currently, there are no plans to integrate support for the 3DR platform but I have passed on the suggestion to our capture team and if anyone else would like to see support for 3DR feel free to voice your opinion here.Thanks, Tim for helping get the dialogue going. 

Hi, I’m having issues as well with my Solo and Pix4Dcapture, I’ve used it before but now it doesn’t want to play ball, when can the Solo be listed as the drone I’m using?

Thanks Gary West

Hi Gary. Currently, there are no plans to reintroduce support for the 3DR Solo. I will pass on your interest in having it included so that our mobile development team can consider the feedback moving forward.