[Pix4Dcapture] News, updates, coming features

This is an official post, it is not possible to add comments under. It is used to communication about Pix4D mobile application.

Note that drones are sensitive and is a new technology so we may encounter some stones in the path to build and we need good testing before launching a version. We depend on several factors:

  • The SDK of the drone manufacturers that requires to be integrated and debugged. The SDK is required by the app in order to communicate with the drone hardware.
  • The app development and the intensive testings.
  • The integration of new drones vs. implementation of new features vs. bug fixes.

Pix4Dcapture is available on both Android (version 3.8, release notes) and iOS (version 2.2, release notes). Check this article to learn about the supported hardware (drones, cameras, etc.). Please use the dedicated threads on the forum to leave comments and share your experience:

Regarding the future plans:

  • 3DR drones: No SDK is currently available on iOS so Solo cannot be supported.
  • Integration of new drones and cameras.
  • Multi-battery flights, ability to resume a mission.
  • Polygonal flights.
  • … and more!

Every news and updates will be announced in:

Happy mapping!