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3DR Solo with GoPro Hero

I invested in the 3dr solo with hero 4 GoPro. My intial research was done when Pix4D was 3DR’s preferred software. It is not any more and there current software is not as flexible as Pix4D when it comes to adding ground control. Can I use Pix4D with the site scan application to fly the drone and the GoPro recording the pictures. With site scan I have to remove the sd card from the GoPro and place it into the tablet to geotag the images. Will Pix4 handle the processing right out of the GoPro?

Steve Moran

Hi Stephen,

If you fly the Solo with Pix4Dcapture, our mobile app, a Pix4D project file (.p4d) is generated at the end of the mission that contains the image coordinates. Note that only our Android version supports the Solo (beta). The images are not directly written in the EXIF (geotagged), but Pix4Dmapper, our computer software, is able to use the geolocation info contained in the .p4d to process the images.

For more information you can follow our step by step procedure about using Pix4Dcapture:

Otherwise, it is also possible to fly with another app and to geotag the images using Mission Planner for instance. Another option is to import separately the images and a .csv file containing the coordinates.

Let us know if you need more assistance.