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P4D File Missing Most of the Time

So I keep flying grid missions with a Hero 4 Black and Solo 3DR Drone using Pix4D app to plan mission, and out of 5 missions, 1 wrote the p4d file so I have no geolocation on images.  IT’s getting REALLY frustrating to spend so much time planning ,charging, prepping flying only to NEVER get the p4d file.  And no matter what I try, if I use the log file in mapper it just says it can’t read it with some long error.


What can I do to actually use this thing or do I need to get a new app for processing or a new app to plan or a new drone entirely.  Kinda pointless if 80% of what you do is useless!


Hi Philip,

The synchronization performed at the end of mission was not working for the Solo and the .p4d file cannot be generated in Pix4Dcapture 3.0.1. There was a bug that the developers fixed in the latest version (3.1.0).

Is the bug happening when using 3.1.0?