DJI Mini 3

I have a DJI Mini 3 and I need to use Pix4Dcapture Pro, but this app is not working or it is not compatible with my iPhone. Do you have any solution for iPhone?

Hey there,
Pix4Dcapture Pro might not be playing nice with your iPhone. Have you tried reaching out to their support for help? Sometimes they can provide troubleshooting tips or let you know if there’s a compatibility issue. If not, maybe there’s another mapping app out there that could do the trick. It’s all about finding the right tool that works seamlessly with your gear! :smiling_face:

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Welcome to the Pix4D Community.

Please note that the DJI Mini 3 is supported only with PIX4Dcapture pro APK (on a Android device) as shown here:

APK files cannot be installed on iOS devices.

Also note that the DJI Mini 3 and DJI Mini 3 Pro only support Grid Mission (Generic) inside the PIX4Dcapture Pro app. These drones don’t support the Terrain Awareness feature either.

Unfortunately, if you have a DJI Mini 3, you need to use an Android device to install PIX4Dcapture Pro.