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Android 3DR Solo Pix4Dcapture connection problem


I have a problem about connection between Pix4Dcapture and 3DR Solo.
My Solo is stock condition, software was updated most recent version by Solo genuine app last week.

I just follow “(Android) Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started” document,
I could not pass this section. “Step 3. Start the mission - 6. Connect to the drone”

On GRID MISSION dialog, “NEXT” button is disabled, I can tap “Wi-Fi Settings” button but my tablet has already connected to solo via controller (SoloLink WiFi).
(I can use Solo genuine app to fly Solo, I can see video stream from HERO4Black.)

Is there any hidden step for Solo?

I am guessing special settings are required for Solo side, for example, install special software on Solo to interface Pix4Dcapture…


Does anybody know how Pix4D capture communicate to Solo? protocol, UDP or TCP? port number?





I found some android devices works fine. Here is the list I tested.

Pix4Dcapture 3.5.0

Works Fine
Moto G4
Android 6.0.1
Kernel 3.10.84-g061c37c
Build MPJ24.139-64

Moto G3
Android 6.0
Kernel 3.10.49-g88eb8b3
Build MPI24.65-25.1


Works but unstable (White-out display when I tap map window. Then App shows mission select window. Not happen always.)
Moto G
Android 5.1
Kernel 3.4.42-g89906d6
Build LPBS23.13-58-2

WiFi connection problem (my original post)
Venue8 7840
Android 5.1
Kernel 3.10.62-x86_64_moor-g774f842
Build BBX803A173600DEL

Insignia 8"
Android 6.0
Kernel ?
Build ?

Both Venue8 and Insignia have intel processor. I believe it does not matter.

Also, smartphones works, tablets don’t work.

Anyway, I could use Pix4Dcapture on my smartphone and I could get good result.






Hi Hideka,

Thank you for sharing your experience and providing all these details.

We are aware of some one-time issues with the Solo: no .p4d file created after synchronizing, video feed no working, resume flight not working… The app can be unstable time to time but our developers will release a new Android version around end of January (rough estimation) and we expect these problems to be fixed. Meanwhile, we apologize of the inconvenience.

We are glad to read you had good results! It is true that the Android device matters since our developers cannot test on all smartphones and tablets, mostly Samsung, Nexus, Nvidia Shield, Huawei.


Hi, We have just tried using the correct version of Pix4D for the Solo (ie/ not the latest). I understand that it may not be possible sychronize the photo files after the flight and i am happy to copy them form the memory card.

However, there is no .p4d file created on the Samsung Tablet. Without this file there is no point in using Pix4D Capture !


Can you please explain how we can get the .pd4 file for this flight ?

There was a .gpx file and a .log fil on the device, as well as two .json files.






The only way to get the image coordinates (geotags) is to have the .p4d (Pix4D project) file generated by Pix4Dcapture as this is the file containing the geolocation information.

Do you get any error message when trying the synchronize the flight? Synchronizing after flying consists in generating the .p4d file and downloading (copying) the images from the drone to the mobile device. This can be done on the field right after the mission or later in the office: