Pix4D Capture Pro keeps asking for subscription (M3E Drone)

We recently got a DJI M3E and installed the Capture Pro APK Build A onto the controller. But for some reason the app keeps saying we need a subscription to use it. We already have a perpetual license to Pix4Dmapper, which I would think counts. Its very confusing and frustrating.

Has anyone else run into something like this?


Seems like paying $5000 for mapper isn’t enough, we also have to pay $750 a year for the update package in order to use Capture Pro now.

Hi @apexab,

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Correct, a “one time charge” license for PIX4Dmapper and and active Support and Upgrade (S&U) subscription will give you access to the Pro features in PIX4Dcapture Pro.

Please log out in the app and log in again, making sure you are using the same Pix4D account as the one containing the PIX4Dmapper license.

Let me know if you can correctly access PIX4Dcapture Pro and if there is anything else I can do for you.

It doesn’t appear there is a limit to how many drone remotes we can use with one ongoing plan right? We do plan to have 3 of these Mavic 3 Enterprise drones eventually and dont want to be paying 3 subscriptions.

Hi @apexab,

Yes, there is no limit and you can connect three controllers with one subscription as long as you log in on every device with the same account. Just so you know, there is no sync between devices. All missions planned in one device won’t be accessible in another.


Hi @syed.najam

If you want to use PIX4Dcapture Pro without any license for a Pix4D product, then you can access the Discovery features.
You can find out more here:

If you are trying to use a drone available only with the Pro version, or if you are trying to use any pro feature, then the app will ask for an upgrade.

Let me know if this answers your question.


Hi @syed.najam,

This is done automatically.
If you have a valid license, all pro features are automatically available to you.
If you don’t have a valid license, only discovery features are available.

Let me know if this helps you.


Hi @syed.najam,

Can you please verify that the mission you created is not using any “pro” feature (such as Terrain Awareness).

Hi, this means with the Licensing model - PIX4Dcapture Pro is is not possible fly a Mini 3 Pro with Discovery right ?

This is correct.
It is not possible to fly a Mini 3 Pro with PIX4Dcapture Pro using only Discovery.

Additionally, even with a Professional license, the DJI Mini 3 and DJI Mini 3 Pro only support Grid Mission (Generic) inside the PIX4Dcapture Pro app. These drones don’t support the Terrain Awareness feature either.

It’s a shame that I can no longer use PIX4Dcapture Pro after the test phase. Is it planned to include the Mini 3 Pro in the Discovery? Precisely because it is a consumer drone that allows you to get started with mapping. Not everyone can afford a subscription and would at least be happy about the possibility of collecting data with the drone.

Hi @Patrick_Bernhart,

Thank you for sharing your feedback here.
At the moment is not planned to add the DJI mini 3 Pro in the drones that are available with the Discovery license.

Hi all,

There was an issue in the app, preventing users from accessing free features.

This problem has been fixed with the release version 1.2.1.
Please download and install the latest version.


I was trying this today but it was coming to me the message

A PIX4D subscription is required

Upgrade your account with a Professional Pix4D subscription and unlock all supported drones and premium features. I removed the app I put it again and again the same for the double grid

Hi @civilathanasiou,

Thank you for your message.

A Pix4D subscription is needed for specific flight missions but also for some specific drones.
Which drone are you using?