Perpetual License Meaning

Hello All,
Hopefully someone can answer my question. What exactly is Perpetual license? I feel like I’m missing something.

I thought that it meant you would have only one time and that’s it. No more paying again. But I feel like I’m missing something.

A yearly subscription for Pix4D Mapper I thought was around $3600 a year. But a perpetual license runs about $5000. So for $1400 more I can get without having to pay again?

I know I’m not accurate on my numbers but in general, I feel like I’m missing something or not fully understanding.

Can anyone explain?


You are correct a perpetual license has no end date. The only extra license you will have is the Support and Upgrades once a year:

Thanks Jose,

I am searching for the price of this “Renew Support and Upgrades” and I can not find anything on how much this annual service is.

I am basically trying to figure out what is more cost effective for me?

If I already had this perpetual license for Mapper and I need to renew the Support and Upgrades, what would that cost me today?

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The support and upgrades is 10% of the Perpetual license, 490 usd if renewed before expiring.
After is 749 USD.

Hope this helps.

That helps a lot with my decision making. Thank you for clarifying.

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