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licence renewal

When I purchase a renewal for a perpetual licence, Do I get notification or does it show up when I open Pix4D?


if you renewed the support & upgrade service, to be able to

  • use the newest version of the software
  • get personal assistance by email
  • get access to the cloud, 

in the license management of your account, the expiration date of the service is being displayed.


I bought a perpetual licence (Mapper) during the cyber holiday sale. The sales person told me (via email) that the product would continue once the original license expired. During our correspondence I told him That I wanted to continue also using the cloud to process data. Last night 30 December i processed a job on my desktop and went to upload it to the cloud. The upload failed. My question is this: Has my cloud assess run out?




Steve Moran PLS

Hi Steve,

The perpetual license you have do not have access to cloud (Pix4D desktop) However, if you also have another yearly license of Pix4Dmapper, you should be able to access cloud till the license expires. Can you send a screenshot of the error you are getting when you upload to cloud? I also noticed your support ticket in our system, we will respond to you directly.

Hi all,

I bought a 1-month licence, my process may take more than 1 month to finish.

Will my machine continues to process if the licence expires?



Hi Alan,

If a license expires, Pix4D will continue processing till the project is complete. 

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