License Renewal

Just renewed my license, about 4 days before my current license expires. I followed the activation instructions sent to me by Pix4D but when I login, I’m still under my old license for which I’ve used up all of the allotted uploads. When I look the “licenses” section of my Pix4D account I can see that new one is there, I just need to find out how to activate and start using it. I emailed support over an hour ago but its a Friday and time sensitive so I’m looking for a potential quick resolution.


Hi @d.gustafson,
Welcome to the Pix4D Community.
When you purchased the yearly license, the monthly plan was not replaced.
We manually canceled the monthly plan and extended the yearly license by a couple of days. You should now be able to use the new allowance.

Note that I didn’t find any ticket opened at Support with your name. Did you use another account to open the support ticket?

Please let me know if you can resume working.

Happy mapping!