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purchased a license yesterday that immediately expired

I tried to renew an education license yesterday (a “student” license derived from a professor license). My credit card was charged, and then the license showed up in my license manager as expired. Note the activation date and the expiration date are equal to each other in the screenshot from my license manager. This feels like a problem that a Pix4D rep would have to help me solve, but I’m pitching it here in case anyone else has run into this trouble. I’ve reached out to Pix4D and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Maybe an engineer will see this here.

Thanks for any leads.


Hi Michael,

I have reported your case to our Sales department. It is an unexpected behavior.
They are taking care of it. It should be okay now.

In the future, do not hesitate to contact us directly:
Contact Support

Sorry about that.

Kind regards,


Thank you so much! The license is showing up now as available. I reached out via the Sales support, but it looks like I’ll just try to connect with the engineers directly next time :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the quick response and the quick fix!