Pix4D capture PRO pricing?

Good afternoon,

I have been thinking about upgrading to a Mavic 3 enterprise, but see that only Pix4D capture PRO works with it.
I have installed it and see that there is a 15 day free trial, what is the cost after that trial?

Hi Edward,

Thank you for your interest in Pix4D Capture Pro.

Capture Pro (Professional Version) will be available until September 30th, 2023. After that time the professional version will only be available to Pix4D valid license holders. The discovery version will still be open to all Pix4Daccount holders. For the most updated information, please refer to the licensing model page which will also give you a list of the differences between the two versions.

Hope this information is helpful.

What does license valid holder mean?

Hi @edward.arango ,

It means if you have any active licenses of a Pix4D product. For examples: PIX4Dmatic monthly license, PIX4Dfields yearly license, PIX4Dmapper perpetual license with an active Support and Upgrades service, etc.

I hope this helps.

Happy to provide more information if needed!

Rosana (she/her)