Perpetual License and Pix4D Capture Pro use


Our company has recently acquired the Mini 3, and we want to use Pix4D Capture Pro to conduct photogrammetric flights. We have logged in with our Pix4D account (perpetual license). To conduct the flights, it asks for a subscription. Is there any way to use our perpetual Pix4D license to use this tool?

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Hi Jual,

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Correct, to use the professional features of PIX4Dcapture pro, you need one of the following:

-A trial license
-A yearly/monthly subscription or rental
-A perpetual license with an active Support and Upgrade (S&U)

You can find more information in this page:

If you are not interested in renewing the PIX4Dmapper S&U, you can also opt for a PIX4Dcloud subscription so that you have access to the Mission Planner, allowing you to plan missions from a computer instead of the mobile device.

Hope this information helps you.