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picture capture fail

Having same problem. Inspire 2 with IOS. App/Drone failed to take/save photos on SD card. It suddenly stopped working between 2  missions within 10 minutes of each other, so I know it worked. Flew 3 flights afterwards with 3 different SD cards. No pics saved- although the flight mission indicated pics were taken via the black dots…After 3 failed attempts, flew mission with DJI go. No issues. Therefore I ruled out SD failure & Drone failure. Obviously its most likely pix4d APP not working? Please help. TY.

Hi drone fraus, 

Thanks for posting. It seems as if the problem you are facing is very similar to this other post: 

Please add your comment there, so that we can centralize the feedback on the issue. An answer that was suggested in the other post was to use the “safe mode” that you can find in the Pix4Dcapture settings. 

I’ll close the comments for this post, please follow-up in the post mentioned above.