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Pix4D Capture camera errorios

I’m running an inspire 2 with the latest updates and firmware and an Ipad with the latest version of Capture. Today I was unable to run a mission as I continued to get “Camera error” I followed the prompts, turned the app off, drone off numerous times to no avail.


Do you have any suggestions? 

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Hi Martin,

Could you explain the issue you are facing in more detail? Are you talking about “Camera setting up” item in the preflight checklist?

Do you face this issue in every mission or just in some of them? For how long did you wait before canceling the upload?

As a side note, we are aware of the fact that sometimes the mission loads quickly and sometimes very slow. It depends on many factor such as if camera is still syncing or doing something else. Sometimes we are just waiting on SDK answer and we just can’t influence it.