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Picture capture fail

Hey Dim,

I went back through the entire thread and I think Julie from tech support may have had a possible answer.

I went and double checked my advanced settings and my camera was in fast mode, as Julie was saying safe mode is best because the Drone is preprogrammed and even if you IPad dies or your controller loses signal the Drone will fly and complete its mission by memory.

I am currently operating in an area with limited cell network and I believe that although I don’t lose contact signal with the Drone, I do have intermittent and weak cell network signal and somehow that affects the APP/mission when in fast mode.

Anyhow, I always operate in safe mode but the last time I updated the APP it must have reset the settings to default and I overlooked it.

I went into advanced settings and changed it to safe mode and was able to fly some missions without fail.


Hi Scott, 

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