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Triggering of camera

Is the camera triggered from the controller or is that uploaded to the drone. I ask because I’ve had several missions that had gaps in coverage.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for your interest in Pix4D and for the question. There are some subtle difference between the iOS and Android version of Capture. When using Pix4Dcapture on an iOS device, there are two Picture Trigger Modes, “safe” and “fast”.

  • Safe mode : The drone stops to take every picture which significantly increases the flight time. However, the waypoints where to trigger the shutter of the camera are defined and uploaded to the drone before starting the mission. This means the drone can fly the mission without requiring a connection with the app.
  • Fast mode : The app has to send a signal message when the shutter should be triggered. This mode does not require to stop in order to take a picture but the connection with the drone should be maintained without interruption. In addition, the Fast mode does not allow to change the orientation of the camera while flying this is why all images have the same orientation since the drone translates.

There is not similar functionality and Android operates as “Fast Mode” .

I hope this helps,