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Is connectivity to controller essential

Hi, I can’t find a definitive answer in any documentation, to whether my P3S drone HAS to stay in contact with the controller during a Pix4DCapture mission. I know the mission is uploaded to the drone before takeoff, so in theory it should then fly without contact to controller, but does it?
In one manual it says there is a setting for ‘Picture Trigger Mode’ but I can’t find this on my Android App. It suggests the ‘SLOW’ setting will allow autonomous picture taking, but ‘FAST’ requires the picture to be triggered from controller???
I am surveying a wooded are with dense trees, and since I’m at ground level there is only a fairly short distance for the controller to keep connection to drone.
Thanks for any help.

Hello @robert2,
The continuity of the mission depends upon the setting of the drone. If the drone is set to RTH after the connection is lost, the drone will return back else it should continue till the mission is completed.
The different picture trigger modes (safe, fast) are only available on the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture.

That’s very helpful Kapil, thanks. Do I have to set that on drone using DJIGo? And do you know whether Android defaults to the slow or fast trigger behaviour on iOS?

I think I can provide more info. I did a mission where the drone P3S went out of range, and when the mission stopped at the END point, the photos kept being taken, until and after it landed, and I took off on another mission.
And today, just been out where the START point was out of range of controller, and it has taken no pictures. So I think the Android App uses the controller to say ‘start/stop taking pictures’, but then it is autonomous.
I need to ensure that at least the START point is in range so that it takes pictures.