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How to set up exposure time manually (not automatic) in the Pix4Dcapture?

How to set up exposure time manully(not automatic) in the pix4d capture? 

The drone is DJI mavic pro. My phone is IOS. 

Hi 国泉 冯,

It is currently not possible to set exposure time manually in Pix4Dcapture. on iOS this parameter is set to automatic. 
Note that the camera settings defined in DJI GO, or DJI GO 4 should be taken into account in the Android app but it is not guaranteed as it was not extensively tested. 
The possibility to manually choose the camera settings while flying a mission with Pix4Dcapture is a feature request that has been shared with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.


Hi Gaël ,


Although the Android app is able to choose the camera settings manually, the Android version does not has safe mode feature. Is there any way to use safe mode and set camera parameters manually at the same time?


There is currently no way to use the Safe mode to trigger pictures and to set camera parameters manually. Note that the safe mode is usually used in specific cases to avoid blur pictures as the drone will stop at each waypoint to take pictures. It will also increase the flight time to use this mode. However, in most of the cases, using Safe mode on iOS or using an Android device where the picture triggering is based on a time-lapse will provide good images and results.