Phantom 4 Advanced

I must apologize for my criticism in my previous post concerning Phantom 4 Advanced in Pix4D Capture.

I went ahead and gave Pix4D capture a try with my own brand new Phantom 4 Advanced, selecting Phantom 4 Pro as the bird.  I was a bit nervous about the chance of something going wrong but I took the chance.

I flew two missions, one 2D grid and one circle POI.  No problems.  Everything worked fine.  The pictures transferred to my iPad mini 4 without a hitch and the info of the drone type showed as a Phantom 4 Advanced.  Somebody must have fixed something.

I went ahead a purchased your $50 per month Pix4D Modeling app and processed the new 2d grid mission over a large flat grass park.  Came out pretty good.

I plan next to try flying a 3d grid and a 3d circle over a large base urban water tower about 120 feet tall.  I will combine those images into one project.  I will also add a few free flight photos.

I will report whether all the Pix4D Capture modes work with my P4 Advanced or if I observe any issues or glitches.

We have heat warnings and wind forecast for the next week so it might be awhile before I fly the new missions.

I’ll get back either way, good missions or problems.


Marvin ‘Headwind’ Hesket

Hi Marvin,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. This will be useful for any P4A users. Let us know about your future tests.

Best regards,

Too bad it wont do with my p4d advanced.

Buenas tardes,

Tengo mi Phantom 4 Advanced, y el Pix4D no lo recone.

Una solucion.

Hola Mauricio,

Como puedes comprobar en este link, el Phantom 4 Advanced todavía no ha sido testado oficicalmente con Pix4Dcapture y por tanto no está soportado.
Sin embargo, si lees los comentarios debajo del artículo, algunos usuarios lo han usado con éxito seleccionando Phantom 4 Pro en los settings.
No obstante, no podemos garantizar que funcione.

Un saludo.

i have not tested phantom 4 advanced with Pix4d Capture.

But , We can use other mission planing Software just to Capture Images then We can Easily Work With Pix4d Mapper.

Thank You.

Hi Mahesh,

Yes, you are right, you can use any third-party application to get an automated acquisition of the area you would like to cover.

Then, Pix4D’s image processing engine supports images that are captured with any third party flight planning application as long as you have sufficient image overlap for your project. 


Please help p4adv owners about this. We invest in Pix4d Capture. Sorry, we still haven’t updated.

Hello Everyone,
I just want to share my todays experience with Phantom 4 Advanced and Pix4D Capture.
Setting up the connecion in Ctrl+DJI, the app recognized my drone correctly - as Ph4Adv. When I switched to Pix4D Capture I chosed Phantom 4 Pro in main settings, basing on previous comments in this thread. However, when I started setting 2D mission, application showed that connected drone is Phantom 4. I skipped back to main settings in order to change it back to Ph4Pro, but in mission planner there was still Ph4. Anyway, I set up a mission (55m AGL), sent it to the drone and took off. Drone made 1st line taking pictures but then it stopped for around 2 minutes (it was 200 m away then). Finally continued 2nd line (coming back towards me), and 3 line with no obstructions. While being away - stopped again, for 2 - 4 minutes, but managed to continue. When it was back close to homepoint, I aborted the mission and landed.

I decided to try once again, 100m AGL. After finishing 1st line, drone stopped for around 5 min (260 m away from me), then come back, but without taking pictures. After 3rd line
stopped for like 10 minutes. I couldn’t abort mission then - no reaction. Return to home on controller - no reaction. I WAS FREAKED OUT A BIT!
After couple of minutes, RTH worked and I managed to land with 10% battery.

Can You please explain why this happened? Is mission distance around 200 m too far?


July 2020: Is the P4Adv Officially supported by P4D Capture now?? Any nuances in uploading missions as that ALWAYS seems to be a BIG issue for me (borderline unusable for more than a very small (4 tennis court) area) :frowning:


As you can see in this link the Phantom 4 Advanced has not yet been officially tested with Pix4Dcapture and is therefore not supported.
However, if you read the comments under the article, some users have used it successfully by selecting Phantom 4 Pro in the settings. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work.


It is not what you write. Even if in Pix4D capture in the options when you select Phantom 4 pro, it instantly changes to the Phantom 4 option. You can’t do anything, you can’t fly and do photogrammetry. Macro pictures are blurred. Is it so hard to set up the Phantom 4 Advance in the app as well? The camera is no different from the pro. 20 Mpix
I used to have problems with the Inspire 2 and IOS applications. You messed up the app with some update. What are you rummaging for?
Back to the topic - do I need to sell the Phantom 4 in advance quickly? Will you clean up Pix4D capture for the Phantom 4 advance?
Regards, Bart

Hello @ganimedus, The Phantom 4 Advanced is not tested with our app so we can’t guarantee that it would work. For more information about the supported drone and camera visit the below link.

Back to the topic - do I need to sell the Phantom 4 in advance quickly? Will you clean up Pix4D capture for the Phantom 4 advance?
I guess you have misunderstood the image acquisition software. If one image acquisition app doesn’t support your drone, then there are other image acquisition apps that might support the drone for image acquisition. For example, you can use the official image acquisition app (DJI GS Pro) from the manufacturer to capture the images.
If you are planning to process the images using our photogrammetry software such as PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dmatic, PIX4Dcloud or so on, you don’t need to use PIX4Dcapture to capture the raw images. You can use any image acquisition app if our app doesn’t support your drone and still processes the images using our software. I would also recommend you to go through the below support article on

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
The application you entered does not exist - DJI GS Pro.
The Phantom 4 advanced has a different sensor than the Phantom 4 pro. And it certainly does not differ with the camera. So what’s the problem with Pix4 D capture? Lots of people spend money to get away from the Phantom 4 advanced because they don’t know they can’t take macro photos. The other applications besides yours are also not friendly.
So I repeat the question: what is the problem that 4 advanced does not take sharp photos and the pro takes sharp photos. I will repeat again - both drones have identical cameras.
Thank you very much for the reply.