Parrot Bluegrass 3D maps

Hi, I purchased a Parrot Bluegrass to perform NDVI and 3D maps. I was disappointed when noticed that the pix4D capture double-grid option is not provided for this device. 

a. Are you considering to include it for the Parrot Bluegrass in the short term?

b. Is it possible to perform 3D maps anyway by simply overlapping two single grid flight plans, with perpendicular directions?

Thanks and regards.

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Hi Raul,

Thank you for participating on our community.

a. It is not in our pipeline to include the double-grid option for the Bluegrass as 3D models is not the first purpose for this drone.
b. Yes, in any case, you can perform 2 flights and change the direction of the flight lines in between. However, depending on the terrain, I am not sure that it will bring any value for 3D models as the camera will always point Nadir.


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