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Missions in app Pix4Dcapture - not all showing?

Dear Pix4D community,

A few weeks ago I downloaded Pix4D to my iPad to have a look at the app, but I don’t seem to see all flight missions, what I do have is Polygon and Grid.

I have found this info -

So does this mean that I only have the two possible flight missions?




Hello Mark,

Can you tell us what drone you are using?
Indeed as explained in the article you found on our Knowledge Base, depending on the drone you are using, not all the missions that are described in the article are available.
For example, Freeflight missions are not available on the Parrot Anafi and on the Parrot Bluegrass, it is only possible to fly Polygon and Grid missions.



Hi Gaël, Oh this is very disappointing… I have a Parrot Bluegrass.

At this point I have no idea how to fly free flight to get used to flying the drone.

My background in in R/C sailplanes and air planes so this programmed mission idea is kind of mind blowing. Thanks for your reply. Mark