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Parrot Anafi, Freeflight on Android

I recently updated the Pix4D app and have lost Freeflight being replaced by double grid.

I need to use freeflight in order to capture the sides of buildings.

Can you tell me why it is no longer available please?


Hi Mark,

Freeflight mode should still be available. Normally, It has not been removed from the app. What configuration were you using (drone, camera, mobile device)?
Are you updated with the latest drone firmware and Pix4Dcapture and Ctrl+DJI versions?


thanks for getting back to me Gaël .  I am using a Parrot Anafi and Galaxy S9+.  The only options on the app, which was updated on December 13th apparently are Polygon, Grid and Double Grid and Circular Mission.  Double grid seems to have “replaced” Freeflight…

Hi Mark,

Free Flight mode is not implemented for the Parrot Anafi yet. Currently, you won’t be able to make Free Flight missions with your configuration. I shared your feedback with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.


Thanks Gaël.  It’s kind of important so I would appreciate it if the developers could let us know when it would become available.


I have attempted to capture walls etc by simply manually flying the drone but Pix4d cannot combine the images.  I wonder if I could use Freeflight6 and load a flight plan?



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Hi Mark,

I will communicate on this thread as often as necessary if there are updates about this feature.
About Freeflight 6, there is a way to make waypoint flight plan but it is basically not designed for mapping so I doubt that you will be able to make good acquisitions using it.


Thanks, because this is what I get when I combine a double grid and manual flight at the moment.  As you can see it’s far from acceptable

Hi Mark,

Note that depending on the type of terrain/object to be reconstructed, I would suggest you have a look at which type of mission to choose.


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I would just like to weigh in on this topic. I could really use the free flight mission for use with the Anafi. In my mind this would really open up the potential benefits of having a 180 degree camera gimbal. It would also open up photogrammetry applications of stockpiles stored under sheds. Currently there is no “take a picture every 3 seconds” option in Free Flight 6 that I am aware of. That could be a good interim solution.  


Hello Thurston,

Thank you for your very interesting feedback. I will share it with the developer’s team. 



Pix4D Support:

Do you have any idea when the Pix4Dcapture free flight mission mode for the Anafi will be available? This is very important to me, and I’m sure to many others as well.

The reason I purchased the Anafi is for photogrammetry applications in small and confined areas where my eBee is not practical to use.

I chose the Anafi specifically because I assumed that a product of the Parrot/senseFly/Pix4D ‘family’ would be the most seamlessly integrated with the software, and therefore the best choice to complement my existing eBee and Pix4D Mapper Pro workflow.

Thank you.

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your feedback and your explanations about why it would be useful. Currently, it is not in our pipeline to implement the Free Flight mode on the Parrot Anafi but I will share your feedback with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.

I will communicate on this thread as often as necessary if there are updates about this feature.


So…Gael, if I may ask, the Anafi is for sale with a years licence bundled in for Pix4d… It’s obviously advertised as being compatible, but you can only take photos of the roof… and the developers have no intention of making that feature compatible with the Anafi. Thank the lord I’m still in my 30 day’s of purchase, that’s one Anafi boomeranging it’s way back to you and me NEVER buying another Parrot product again.

Hi James,

The status about the implementation of the Free Flight mode on the Anafi did not change so far.
Note that all the other missions are available. For the moment, for 3D reconstruction/models, I would suggest using a circular or double grid mission, as they can be suitable depending on the terrain objects to be reconstructed.


Today I tried Anafi with Pix4D for mission planning. It worked quite nice with grid mission, but what I actually wanted to try is freeflight mission, because that is what I need. I couldnt get that kind of mission, only tutorial. I was thinking that I must be getting stupid. Now I see that the problem wasnt in me.

It is very disturbing that this isn`t even in the planing for Anafi. This thread started in January and in April there is still nothing.

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Gaël, that’s what I was doing, I was flying over a roof in a double grid to get a 3D image, I tried adjusting the grid size, vertical and horizontal angles, making the grid bigger, but whatever I do, all I can get is a 3D model of a roof. I’m a software developer (PRPC) and an ISEB Practitioner in software testing. If I were advertising that my software was compatible with ‘X’ brand of drone, I’d make DAMN sure that the manufacture had been working with the development team, the regression testing team and the UAT team. It’s an embarrassment to Pix4d, and you’ve p****d a LOT of people off - and I’ve not even started with Parrot yet. I suggest you put a rocket up your development team. The value of the Anafi is going to crash when this goes widespread (if it hasn’t already) It’s gone on my blog and though LinkedIn with my professional clients and customers. 

Shameful that you’re not even bothering to implement it. 

Tihomir, if you find another piece of software that does what we were lied to about, please let me know and I will do likewise and post on here. 
I’m truly sorry you were conned as well. 

This topic was open in January and many personne said free flight is VERY important. Double grid or circular mission are not giving enought details faire building reconstruction. Free flight is realy needed. Why Pix4d (which seems working with Parrot) doesn’t understand the problem and don’t want to ubdate pix4dCapture with the free flight mode for ANAFI ?

I raised this question with senseFly (also part of the Parrot group). Bellow is part of their answer regarding this topic:

“Pix4D is a sister company (part of the Parrot group), but regarding the freeflight missions compatibility with ANAFI, it’s because the library that Pix4D uses is not compatible with the video stream format of the ANAFI.
Since Pix4D aims for automated missions in Pix4Dcapture, they don’t further develop the freeflight side and let it to Freeflight 6.”

I also asked if they could implement interval shooting option in Freeflight 6 as that would work for me:

“At the moment we don’t plan on implementing a mode for interval photo taking in Freeflight 6”

Another question was is there another app that would allow freefligh missions or something similar:

“At the moment no other app is available, but Parrot will release the SDK for ANAFI later this month.
This will allow developers of other famous drone apps (Litchi, Dronedeploy etc…) to integrate ANAFI if they want to.”

They also said that after SDK release, roadmap for Freeflight 6 app will be reviewed and new features may be developed (like interval shooting).

So, I am really disappointed. It seems that our only hope is that competition will develop apps for Parrot drones?!

I really don`t like DJI, but Parrot is working hard at pushing customers to them.