Parrot Anafi Flight mission without taking pictures

Hello pilots!

Yesterday after 14:00 EET our both Parrot Anafi drones failed in their missions without taking pictures and the problem is the same in different locations around Bulgaria.
We use plan mission in GRID for 2D maps. Both drones starts their missions with track and places for the pictures, but without shuttering and in reference without saving any images in the SD card.

We do a lot of tries with different iOS devices, with different Pix4D user profiles, with different drones from different generation of Parrot Anafi from this year 2022 and from 2019, in different locations, in different times of the day, in different type of mission as POLYGON, GRID, DOUBLE GRID, etc. without solving problem.

In manual mode with FreeFlight6 App is working normal without problems, but is not a productive way for mapping.

Thanks in advance for helping us.


Hello @a.kanev, Can you please send us the log file of the mission from different drones. For android, use the below article to extract the log files. For iOS, connect the phone to iTunes, and then you should be able to extract log files from the following location iTunes >> Your device> File Sharing >> Pix4Dcapture>>LogFile>>Save.

Thank you very much Kapil,

You can find log files from both Anafi.

Waiting for your analysis.


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com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-06–15-56-01-992.log (2 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-07–06-18-22-864.log (1.89 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-09–16-36-42-754.log (702 KB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-09–17-14-03-997.log (2 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-09–17-19-35-923.log (493 KB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-10–17-18-26-022.log (2 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-11–11-26-28-428.log (2 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-11–12-48-01-313.log (2 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-11–12-53-40-307.log (1.8 MB)

com.pix4d.pix4dmapper.capture 2022-04-11–16-11-01-144.log (11 KB)

Hi Kapil,

The test from today with Pix4Dscan shows identical problems as the Pix4Dcapture app.

You can find log file set from this try.

Thanks for your support. We are in big trouble without solution.


Помогнете на Земята да диша - необходимо ли е да разпечатвате това писмо?

Help the Earth breathe - do you need to print this email? (541 KB)

Hello @a.kanev Can you confirm that you are using different SD cards to test because if the image is not recording, it might also have to be related to the SD card. From the log file, we don’t see anything that would say that might be the issue. The only thing that we can see the pre-flight check regarding the GPS failed at one moment but the mission was successfully uploaded to the drone.

Hello Kapil,

We try at last with different SD card (not the one SD from default configuration), but without success.


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Hello @a.kanev, Can you try our new app, PIX4Dscan, and see if that works. There was a new release that might be able to solve the issue.

Download PIX4Dscan for iOS: ‎PIX4Dscan on the App Store

Download PIX4Dscan for Android: PIX4Dscan on Google Play